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Friday, February 25, 2011



Attended the Hands-On Approach course from 22 - 25 February 2011.  Hey..it is my 20th Anniversary today and got a wish from my other half.   Ok, am not going to talk bout my anniversary tho..feel like scribbling something about the courses that i have attended for these past few days.  Tho ada permanent brain damaged but am glad that i registered for the courses.  Well...apa yg aku dapat dan ingat in these courses! STATISTICS YANG MEMANG BUAT AKU JADI GILA n one thing for sure i will respect myself if i could do this in my thesis..Ya ALLAH give me the strenghts...it is like impossible for me to interprete my findings by just using figures yg berbunga bunga tu...

1.  Spurious Relationship (sgt suka dengan terms ni...meaning unexplained relationship)
2.  Tautology (haha jadi bahan...)
3.  1st order and 2nd order models. (wah!!! selalu baca articles perkataan ni sana sini kluar, tapi akuu x tau  
     apa maknernye..but now...he he...oooo itu rupernyer..hmmm interesting, now i know that i have to do
     2nd order model)
4.  Factor loading... ya ALLAH ini ke yg dimaksudkan dengan factor loading...baru paham beb!
5.  Composite Reliability  and Average Variance (selalu nampak dalam articles and i usually ignored these
      terms as i couldnt understand how to interprete with the R-Square
6.  Discriminant validity and Nomological validity...(wah...ape ni...)
7.  Quasi moderator and pure moderator...baru hari ni paham ...
8.  Full mediator and partial mediator...selalu sebut tapi kurang paham, now i know..
9.  The difference between measurement model and structual equation model..LOL..
10.  RMSEA, GFI, AGFI NFI, CMIN...yahooo.. now i know and happy to read this.

Now i am contemplating whether to analyze my data by using RASCH, SEM OR PLS. Ceh..PLS...sgt best. If i use RASCH model..in my opinion rasch sgt interesting and very easy to interprete yr data, but one problem that am gonna face is that my supervisors are not familiar with RASCH and am afraid that it's difficult for them to back me up during viva

Nak juga rasanya guna SEM..tapi mak datuk...tengok figures and drawings yg macam bunga bunga cinta tu...buat nafas aku terhenti...rasa mcm nak giler, which i think i hv to apply this in analyzing my data as my co-supervisor sgt terror dalam SEM. 

PLS..prof madya RAMA dah ajar sket tadi..oh my!!!!! gosh!!!!tersgt la senang kalau tau apply, it's like a mickey mouse..tapi to learn how to apply PLS..that's another question, which i think if u know how to use it..itu yg jadi cam mickey mouse tu...senangnyer....which again i dont thing i can use this model as my supervisors may or may not familiar with this model.  Lupa kan je la hasrat ni..

It's already 2.30 am..feel sleepy.  Baru habis tengok citer KAVI ALVIDA NA KEHNA....srk...ahh puas hati tengok citer ni.

Ni ....figures n drawings yg berbunga bunga that i've mentioned above...Nice!!!