A Bit of Salt, Sugar and Vinegar WATER AND FIRE


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2 KILL D TIME......

Sunday, December 5, 2010



Talking and thinking about Maal Hijrah i have something which i longed to confess.  Well.... i dont know whether this is the right time to write about something that i longed to write.  The "thing" really makes me feel so obfuscate.  I like her n i love her but how come i dont adore her.  Obfuscating isnt it.. yeay... i know..d felling is like so..d very frustrasting when u cant tell her anything, but why.....and it bugs me all d time, whenever i think of her.  Does she really plain innocent or she knows about it but still wants to do it, or she doesnt realize what she says or does or thinks really like " you dont walk the talk girl".  Infact, everytime when i think of what she says , it makes me feel ..what's the big word huh...hmm "intricate and convoluted".  Yeah..that's it.

This is what i think of her
1.  Sgt sombong kekadang which she doesnt realize
2.  Sgt riak kekadang, which i dont know whether she realizes it or not or sengaja or x sengaja
3.  Sgt "mean"  kekadang, which she doesnt walk the talk
4.  Sgt "bangga" dengan benda yg x sepatutnya dibanggakan, which i think she doesnt realize it also
5.  Sgt "perasan"  all d time...which i hate it. ha ha...jealous ke ape aku ni..but at this age, am positively not jealous, but i feel pity for her for not "walking the talking" he he..very intricate scenario...

Kawan ku...aku berdoa....salam MAAL HIJRAH.  Wait....tibe tibe aku rasa dan aku tau, aku pun memang ada kekurangan..banyak.. but..really i pray for her hijrah! and i'm going to hijrah also.....