A Bit of Salt, Sugar and Vinegar WATER AND FIRE


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2 KILL D TIME......

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


arghhhhh!!!!! i just don hv d time.. somehow i'hv been abondoning this blog nnnn jeng jeng my ivdvmv. banyak benda kot dlm kpla otakni.  Dat module thing really wasting my time but hv to do it.  It has been 2 weeks dok godek mende tu. Tot has given the template dat cud make my life easier but..people don just get it.  Maybe  it was my fault also..takut sgt nak bagi tau..the problem is bukan takut, rasa cam x sedap la to tell people to do it again...ini masalah besar saya...so yg merananyer saya gak la..( a huge sighhhh!!!).  Ha ha  dah sedar dah,,tap wat lagi.. Shereen slalu cakap, kak ogy ni..bagi tau je.. he he...ampun, when can i grow up?  How i wish i can just say it out loud....but sometimes i feel like people would understand n u don hv to spell it out.  N we always say kalau dia buat x pe..kalu aku buat...mampos!!!!!!..