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2 KILL D TIME......

Thursday, March 11, 2010

pee hech dee

Its 12.30 am, watching "No Limit" concurrently FBying and feel like revealing something in this blog.  To say it's a lonely journey...naaah!!!! havent feel it yet..missssarable journey... yahhhh!!!!but the pain is enjoyable one.   It's so funny coz the more u know the more it becomes complicated.  It's like..u feel good even u get only a pinch of it and get something to scribble down (so far dua patah perktaan pun aku happy giler) and useless if you dont.  Cam makan cili padi, lagi pedas.. lagi berselera.  Feel like TQing  to my Bfren, shereen who always makes me wonder how things shud be thought n the rhetorical questions that pop up from her till d end.

My one n only supportive hubby who never complains even badan pun dah gemok melampau, who makes me laugh all the way n perghhhhh banyak menolong..my children..hmmm cute mcm mcm kerenah challenging betul..i think becoz i really want them to know dat i really do care in whatever they are embarking.  idea dah x de.  that's it.